We’re staying in our usual ‘hood for 9 days in this apartment. Other than a trip to Giverny & catching up with some friends, old & new (Parisian friends & American friends who will be there at the same time) we have no big plans – just the way we like Paris!

Then we’re doing something we typically don’t do: an organized tour! We’ll be walking (and tasting our way) through vineyards in Burgundy. We’ll be walking 5-8 miles a day and spending 2 nights in Vougeot, 1 night in Beaune, and 2 nights in Meursault. Moving around a lot is also something we don’t do often, so this will be an interesting leg. But the pros outweighed the cons, i.e. no worries about drinking & driving, having an “in” with some of the smaller wine producers, and most evenings free, i.e. eating dinner when & where we want.

Then we’ll hop on the TGV to Nice, rent a car and spend 6 days in Sainte-Agnès, a perched village in the Alpes-Maritime region of France. It is one of the designated prettiest towns in France. It’s known for the harrowing drive to get up there and is also a walled town, so you ditch the car at the entrance and use your feet. It’s also spitting distance from Italy, so we will be heading to the Italian Riviera, too. Here is the cute cottage we’re renting. Check out the views!


4 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. yasnyi

    Oh la LAAAAAA. Lots of stepping out !! You have a divine time and boy oh wowser do y’all deserve a 10 year katrina in france. It is deLIGHTful to share with you – merci and bonne sante !!


  2. Linda Yasnyi

    Paula, Tom , what pleasure to read your blog. I stretched with you on the ride over! Mais non, no Nice presently, ask me if you want something there.. Love champaign daily. Love your sharing your steps with me !!! . Merci :))


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