Day 5: Back to Menton

We had a 12:3o reservation at Mirazur, which has 2 Michelin stars. That’s not typically our MO, and the rare times we have done the “stars,” I usually find out after choosing the restaurant – and sometimes not until after the visit! This was on the top of our list because several good friends recommended it – and we deserved a splurge on our last day of vacation.

We were a bit early, so we decided to walk to Italy. That’s me standing under the Italy sign while Tom takes the pic from France. I know, we’re so original!


I didn’t like that I had to choose which menu we were going to order beforehand. I figured since I went for the least expensive one, they might seat us in Siberia, but that was not to be the case. Here’s the views from our table: the first one looking towards Menton and the 2nd to Italy. (Wow, the wifi at the Nice airport is a gazillion times faster than the cottage, so I just might finish this before we board our first flight to Paris.)

image image

The next pictures are of lunch, and I’m posting them all with no edits since Tom took some great shots. The first are amuse-bouches of tiny fried fish, beet root stuffed with goat cheese, and macarons with boudin noir. Tasty little bites with interesting presentation. The second course was a fish mousse with mixed herbs and tapioca pearls which popped in your mouth. So delicate. The bread, served with lemon-infused olive oil, was fantastic.

image imageimage

Then the most wonderful tomato salad (with melon sorbet) and our main course of hake served with salsify and fennel with rosemary cream. The fish was cooked perfectly, to the 1/100th of a second.

image image

Next was the dessert of mango and oranges with a light meringue (but better!) It reminded me of the sun and sea foam I was viewing out the window. The mignardises (after-dessert extras) were macarons, and apples and grapes from the chef’s garden, served au naturel.

image image image

Oops, almost forgot the cocktails before lunch: Day 21 of bubbles for me, and Tom had a citron au Menton (pastis & lemon.)


It was a spectacular lunch with perfect service. Interestingly enough, I said “I couldn’t eat like this every day, though,” which is precisely what I said about some of the heavier, homier cooking we had in Burgundy. So I guess that means my food tastes run pretty average!

We were not feeling up for a museum, so we blew it off and wandered around Menton! We picked up some art for a souvenir before heading back to the cottage to pack up.

Here’s Menton again walking from the restaurant.


And us on the cottage’s sun-dappled terrace.


Thanks to all for coming along on our trip! It was truly wonderful, and all I could hope for.

I’ll try to post some final thoughts tomorrow – right now, we need to board a plane!


9 thoughts on “Day 5: Back to Menton

  1. kenandann

    I haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve read all your posts. I think that under duress, you could find the strength inside to eat like that every day. I believe in you! 😉

    Happy belated birthday, and congrats on keeping to your commitment to have bubbly every day! 🍸


  2. I have loved your trip report and vicariously enjoying your journey. The descriptions and the pictures were so fantastic–what a wonderful, memorable trip. We’ve always wanted to visit Menton and Nice; your trip has convinced us that we should do it sooner rather than later.
    Safe journey home.
    JoAnn and Lloyd


    1. Me neither! Thanks, Jacqueline! I was going to try to do a slideshow of some of the pics that didn’t make it in, but it turned out to be a bit more complicated than I thought with this blogging site, so I guess that was indeed my last post. So yeah, good pic to end on, I think!


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