Day 4: Nice

We giggled a bit every time the GPS voice said “nice,” not Nice. Come to think of it, she butchered French much more than we do. We took a different route this time, via towns named La Turbie and Peille. Narrower roads (if you can believe it!) but we did not come across any oncoming traffic (just bikes) which was nice. There were a lot of little tunnels like this:


And spectacular views of the mountains and eventually, sea side villages:

image image

We had a bit of an adventure with parking. We booked a discounted parking spot on a website only to learn that the website sent us to a private garage! We actually got in because someone else was coming out, and had to explain all this to the gardien (building manager) after asking an office worker who we should talk to about the parking garage (which I’m guessing he thought was odd since most of them were reserved spots) after ascending from 4 levels underground. The property manager had never heard of the website, kept saying “c’est bizarre!” and was likely (rightly) concerned about security in his building. In the meantime, we called the number on the parking confirmation email only to get voicemail! While we were explaining to the gardien (and hoping not to get in trouble for trespassing) the parking company called us back, apologizing and saying the site shouldn’t have allowed us to book this spot, and offered to find us another spot. No thanks – just give us our money back and we’ll find our own parking. The manager had to let us out of the garage, and directed us to public parking – and we did all this in French – not bad! But it did take a hunk of time to get all this settled.

Both Tom and I had been to Nice, but not together – and it had been awhile. We reconfirmed that we like it a lot and need to spend more time there. I like that it’s a bit gritty, but I like that in a city. It’s also very much a seaside city, but that’s stating the obvious, I guess.

All I wanted to do was stroll on the new Promenade Paillon.


And all Tom wanted to do was stroll along the Promenade des Anglais (threatening rain by then, but it never actually did.) We were going to stop into the Negresco for a drink, but their sign limiting access to hotel guests only turned us off – even though I’m sure we could have gone to the bar, riffraff that we are.


We went to Chez Pipo for socca, a traditional Niçoise dish – essentially a chickpea pancake. Sounds simple – and it is – but it was so good.

image image

When we see something we don’t recognize on a menu, we like to order it. But sometimes it gets a guy a girly drink. (He was unsuccessful trying to get me to swap, btw :-))


The narrow streets of the Old Town, and some other shots of Nice.

image imageimage image

We stopped for a coffee before the drive back at Mori’s near the Place Messéna, a favorite spot of Gus & Becky.


We had an uneventful drive back on the same route, and were rewarded with this view of our village.


Dinner consisted of leftovers (cheese, fruit, veggies, bread) along with wine from the very first winery we visited in Burgundy (this is for you, Teresa.)


That brings us to our last day!! 😪 All we have planned is our last, splurgy lunch in Menton, and the Cocteau Museum. I may not get a chance to post again today, but will try from the airport tomorrow or from home on Sunday. 😭

I just took this out the window – this is the beuautiful day awaiting us, so bye for now.



6 thoughts on “Day 4: Nice

  1. AS soon as I saw the photo of that bottle I started to drool. Hope you are bringing back LOTS of bottles! When you get back ,let’s get together and try to re-create some of our favorite French bites and memories!


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