Day 2: Italy

First time to dip my toes in the Mediterranean from Italian soil!


But first…the market in Menton where we decided to do shopping for the week (very un-Frenchlike, but it’s a bit of a project getting up & down the mountain – more on that later.) Decisions…decisions…

image image

We picked up some fish, fruit, veggies, bread and pasta. Most of the produce was sourced from Italy, which seemed appropriate since we were headed there next.

Since we had the car, we decided to go a bit further than the first border town of Ventimiglia, but here it is as we zipped by. Not a bad car shot!


We stopped in Bordighera to walk along the beach and find a place for lunch. It was a breezy day, as you can see by the flags, (and we’re still scratching our heads over the upside-down Greek one.)

image image

Lots of tourists, but I can’t even imagine what it was like a few weeks ago. We decided on a place called Chica Loca, which didn’t have outdoor seating, but the tables inside were literally over the water.

image image

Perfectly cooked pasta with an assortment of fish and shellfish, and a cheap Italian red to wash it down. Life is good.

image image

Next up: Seborga, a self-declared “principality.” I found this Huffington Post article more interesting than the Wiki.

Here’s one shot of the view looking behind us, as we crept up the mountain – and a view of the town itself:

image image

We wandered around the very charming streets and alleys.

image image

image image

Back down the mountain to the sea, and hang a right to get back to France. Just a note about the driving, which Tom has been expertly doing (thankfully!) If you could humor me and plug in Sainte-Agnès, France into Google maps, and then Menton in the “directions from” part, you’ll get a good idea of the hairpin twists and turns. This is probably the scariest section: a wall of rock on one side, and a cliff on the other with a tiny wall – and not quite enough room for two cars. Oh, and there are plenty of bikers.


We rented a little Nissan Pulsar, a diesel – and it’s a good thing we got the insurance because we are beating the hell out of this thing.


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