Day 1 in the Alpes-Maritime: Menton

After two trains, a taxi, and a car rental, about 12 hours had passed and we were utterly exhausted by the time we got to Sainte-Agnès on Sunday night, our home for the last leg of the trip. The cottage was exactly as portrayed and is comfy, cosy and quiet. What a nice mix we’ve had on this trip: the Big City, small villages of Burgundy, and now in the middle of nowhere in the mountains overlooking the sea.

Dinner Sunday night was the welcome package provided by our host for stays exceeding 3 days: bread, wine & cheese – and some Speculoos cookies that we had picked up from the Monoprix in Paris just in case we found ourselves needing an extra snack along the way.

On Monday morning, we went down to Menton, the closest “big city.” What a lovely place. We knew we’d like it and basically just wandered around its ancient streets. Here are some scenes from Menton:

imageimageimage imageimage

Since we missed the morning market and had such a light lunch, we thought it’d be a good night to check out one of Sainte-Agnès’s three restaurants – and the only one open on Monday night, Le Saint-Yves. This is simple country cooking at affordable prices. The food was fine, but the experience more than made up for any shortcomings: the older French waiter shuffling along in what sounded like slippers, the grand terrace with the wonderful view, the people-watching, locals and tourists alike, and the resident restaurant cat.

Here’s Tom looking very content.


And the view:


My 20€ menu came with 2 apps, a main and dessert, while Tom’s 22€ menu came with 3 apps! This was just one: the tourte maison, kind of like a quiche. You know it’s not a fancy place when they serve the food with the fork stuck in it, lol.


My rabbit and Tom’s boar stew shared the same tasty fried potatoes. See that lone carrot on the plate in the foreground? I had to beg Tom for it since they were the sole veggies to be found – he had the 2nd carrot slice.


A strong gust of wind sent the only other occupied table outside back inside, so we had the terrace all to ourselves for dessert and coffee. After dinner, we walked through the medieval streets back to our cottage. Isn’t the town lovely?



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